Happy Shopping!

I have never gone shopping on Black Friday. Guess the frugal gene hadn't stepped up yet.
I did stay up until midnight last year to shop at Kohl's. Does that count? I didn't get everything I wanted, or the color/choice I wanted. There is no browsing on this day. Buy it or lose it! I put these into the learner's category for shopping on this day.

Today I am hanging out with the girls. We are making some of our Christmas gifts so will work on those today. And pending the weather, we will go downtown and look for Santa on top of Weaver's tonight. Why does that man seem to get stuck on top of the rooftop every year?? The same rooftop. The firemen have to bring the ladder truck and rescue him.

The girls also are ready to put the fall decorations away... chop up the pumpkins for pies, muffins, etc... And get those CHRISTMAS decorations out! Could be worse. They could go on the stores' schedule. Luckily, they both get Thanksgiving and are patient to wait till it's over to move on. Greta told me this morning that she is glad that we have these holidays once a year. Why? "So that we can appreciate them that much more." Smart kid.

Speaking of Pumpkins. The pie from scratch was incredible! Pumpkin Patches and More is where I found this recipe. It is a really neat site. It has locations of patches, recipes, fun tidbits, the works...

Whether you were out there at 0 dark hundred shopping, shopping online, or just hanging out with your family, enjoy the rest of this wonderful holiday weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!


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