We Carved Pumpkins ~
The girls designed them ~
Tony & I carved ~

The girls approved.

We went Trick or Treating

We went over to friends' home for dinner and then took the girls out for Trick or Treating around the neighborhood. The pumpkins were filled and legs got tired. We went back to the house where the girls sorted their candies and we all drank some hot chocolate. Yum mm... The kids had their choice of marshmallows, the adults had their choice of flavorings... who knew rum and hot chocolate could mix so well.

We saw someone taking their kids around on a golf cart. Hmmm....

To aid in identification: Anna was a Sherbet Fairy (I don't know either) Greta was a Princess Fairy (her own design)
Their friends were a witch and Hannah Montana

**I'm still learning to add pictures and type at the same time... apparently it takes some talent, which, I may be lacking...**

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