Private Selection Upside Down Cakes

Have you seen this in your Dillon's grocery? Have you tried it? This cake is excellent! And rich. And chocolaty. And worthy of sharing with your friends. I recently had the opportunity to try this with my friends through BzzAgent. They send me a coupon that I conveniently had downloaded to my Dillon's card. That was easy. So was the baking. Just warm the cake, wait a few moments and flip. Then share. It would have been easy to take the credit but credit should go where credit is due. Private Selection. I think I'll try another cake this weekend just to make sure the others are good, too. :)


Rustic Strawberry Dessert Recipe at - Tart Dessert Recipes

I have a picture of mine somewhere on this computer... will post soon.
In the meantime, this is an awesome and easy dessert to make. Would be great w/ some homemade vanilla ice cream on the side...

Rustic Strawberry Dessert Recipe at - Tart Dessert Recipes

Enjoy your day!

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Carmella Borchetta Rosell

Happy Birthday Mama!

I know you are watching us all from heaven.

We love you and miss you very much!



Saturday's adventures

And away we go!

Greta and Anna finished their soccer games yesterday. I forgot my camera and am waiting for parent's to share pictures. Will post those as they come in.
In the meantime: Greta got her first goal this season! It seems she does really well when she's upset with me. After I chastised her for not playing as well as I/we know she can, she went out there and kicked that ball all over the field. I'm wondering if she was 'seeing' me as she kicked it...

Next, we returned a HUGE diesel pick-up that Tony used while playing/acting as Apartment Manager while the original apartment manager was recuperating from a nasty car accident in April. Really long story short: Mike was in a rollover accident, life flighted to KU Med Center, Dr's weren't sure if/when/how he might recover. Lucky for him, his family and friends he is just about 100% recovered. A miracle indeed! Anyway ~ brought back the truck, visited their many animals which include a horse, a rooster, a turkey, 13 adult sheep, app. 7 lambs (yes, awww...) Big(some kind of Mastiff) and Otto (mini doberman)...

After, we stopped by the airport as Lawrence Municipal Airport is celebrating 80 years. Holy cow! They were offering rides with donations going to Make a Wish. There's no way Tony or I could leave the airport w/out getting into a plane. So, the four of us loaded up w/ Dick Martin flying his plane. Thank you Mr. Martin! We flew over Lawrence and got some neat pictures of our house

(can you see the new garden spot in the upper right corner?)

Lawrence, coming in for a landing...

What a beautiful day.

Next, we headed over to Pendleton's to pick some of the FREE asparagus due to the hail storm on Friday night. We got there a little late for picking it. If you are local, be sure to sign up for Karen's newsletters ~ then you, too, can get the scoop on what's happening before anyone else. : ) So we missed picking the asparagus, but, we got to see this spring's litter of kittens, tasted purple asparagus (sweeter than the green), and found some annuals for the garden that I forgot to get at the Plant/Bake Sale earlier this month.

Next, (seriously??) we found Davenport Winery. It's off 1057, not far from Pendleton's.
We did a little wine tasting before heading back out and over to a friend's home for a birthday party. Which was the last stop for the day.

Now I've got to get back out to the beautiful day and finish planting tomatoes. Tony's tilling the garden up in the field w/ the tiller. He's having a field day (pardon the pun)with this thing. More on that as it progresses...


Tongue Twister ~

*Irish Wrist Watch*
okay now 3 times fast...
or even just once


New additions to the household

Meet: Chocolate


Miss Marple

and Peep


Easter Egg Hunt

I cut this out of the paper this weekend:
Egg Hunt EGGstravaganza
Saturday, April 11th
at South Park Gazebo
two times based on your last name:
1:00 - 2:00 A - M
2:00 - 3:00 N - Z
FREE * Open to the Public * Ages 3 - 12
See you there (barring soccer games)