October pictures

As this weekend progresses I will get those pictures up. In the meantime...

We've been to the pumpkin patch this month. Two of them. The first was a family venture. We all picked our favorite (everyone has to be able to carry his/her own).

The second was a preschool trip.
It wasn't nearly as sunny the second trip. In fact, all the kids got to do was play for five minutes before we scurried them to the field to pick their pumpkin and get back to the shelter for a half hour of rain, thunder, lightning, wind, more rain... and finally a freight train passing by! And boy did it get chilly. The teachers had some songs that include a lot of jumping to keep everyone warm.
Why would we take them in a forecasted day of rain? you ask? The forecast said cloudy, no rain, and clearing up! Which it did clear up by the time we got back to school. The kids still had fun. No one complained.

We also went apple picking. A friend brought to her family's orchard and we picked lots of apples and pears. We also got to feed the neighboring Longhorns, by hand. They had a limit of how many they could be given... I think the girls added one or two extra.

Well, we are off to play soccer. It's the last weekend, so will bring the camera and see if I can get some more action shots of the girls. G has really improved and I think she is beginning to enjoy it. (Just don't tell her that)
Have a great weekend!
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  1. Dawn is going to be a Belly Dancer ;)

  2. You know you have to send pictures for that! (Dawn & Bert's baby is due Dec 1)


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